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10 Things To Be Grateful For: Thanksgiving 2020 Edition

10 Things To Be Grateful For: Thanksgiving 2020 Edition

I wrote about gratitude in this post, and how it’s crucial for life and relationships. Today is a holiday and I want to focus on what you can be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

2020 has been a total historic sh*t storm. However, let’s unpackage this and find beauty in a time of struggle. Together.

Because remember, how we react to situations tells us deeply about who we are.

1. This Thanksgiving Is Bittersweet Because Many Of Us Have Lost Something This Year

Loss is a deeply unpleasant reality of life. We will all lose someone, something, or ourselves at one point or another.

We grieve the loss of things important to us. Mostly, we grieve the loss of our innocence and naivety of that time.

Because nothing will be more influential and impactful than this moment right now: the opportunity to look behind, as well as imagine the future.

Time loves to give us unexpected surprises, turns, twists, and even painful shock. So, it’s imperative to really go deeply into this moment—because the moment of now is always slipping between our fingers. 

No matter how hard we grasp and hold onto it.

2. In Time Of Loss, This Is Your Reminder To Live More Bold

I want to remind you, sacrifice will be a skill that we practice time and time again through our journey. We will sacrifice our previous and older versions of self, to adapt to what’s ahead.

And making bold decisions is the courage you will need to transform your life. Even amidst a pandemic.

Tell someone important that you love them. Take that online class you’ve been putting off. Express your compassion and kindness in moments where none can be found. We can use loss, to discover the parts of ourselves we really need—the parts of us that need to be awakened.

Because the illusion that everything lasts forever is now gone.

3. There Is No FOMO

You have the absolute permission to not be so hard on yourself. If you’ve constantly felt you’ve always been left out pre-pandemic, everyone now has encountered a reset button.

There is nowhere you need to be, except right here, right now. Value your health and safety.

And for those who continue to carelessly spread the virus: shame on you. Don’t host or attend those large underground parties and get-togethers. It’s unnecessary, selfish, and driving up the infections.

Learn the value of sacrifice. A momentary sacrifice, for the common good of all.

4. For Those You Value Who Are Still In Your Life, Now Is A Perfect Time To Let Them Know They Matter To You

Because of the dangers of in-person gatherings, you are going to need to hone your personal skills of communication. Use technology for its positive intended use.

Practice being able to reach deep within, and express it outwardly. To affirm. To validate. To get whatever is in you, out into the world.

Especially to the individuals, who need to hear it.

The words “you matter”; “I care”; “I love you”; “I miss you”—have tremendous meaning now, more than ever.

Say whatever is most true to you.

5. Be Thankful You Have The Down-Time To Create

“All of life is creation.” We create life. We expand its meaning. We create along the journey and experience, to understand ourselves. 

We create, to find purpose.

Creation is an outlet. It’s an outlet to grasp your inner vibe, and express it outwardly into something tangible to the outer world: something you can hold, touch, feel—delight, and experience through all the senses.

If you are spiritually inclined, I like to describe creation as the soul’s way of expressing itself, in a physical tangible form: art; music; dance; writing; language; poetry; etc.

Create something. Anything. Try something, new.

6. We Are Reminded Of Our Humanity This Thanksgiving

Some of us are eating this holiday with an empty seat at the table. The frustration and anger of this pandemic will leave a scar for years to come.

There are many medical personnel who won’t be home for Thanksgiving. They will be at the frontlines of this pandemic, risking their lives, and doing their civil duty—and fighting to have their patients come home for the holidays.

I have my deepest honor and respect to the medical professional community. Thank you for your service.

Including the essential workers who work to make sure our communities don’t go hungry; who help maintain a semblance of time before the pandemic; who show up to work every day, and give their best. Who don’t work just for their survival, but for the survival of others too.

People are sacrificing their lives so you can enjoy your Thanksgiving. Be grateful.

7. Those Who Are Single This Thanksgiving

Dating is hard during the pandemic. But tune into the fact that there are many right now who are feeling the same disappointment, frustrations, sadness, and loneliness you are right now.

And someone out there, someone you will meet in your future, is doing their best to survive and thrive through these times. So should you.

You may meet that person. Because we will all have shared experiences from this pandemic, we will all have stories to share one day when you get to ask that future date, “How did you survive and thrive during the 2020 pandemic?”

8. Those In A Relationship/Marriage This Thanksgiving

Some are very fortunate to have their partner by their side this Thanksgiving. Be grateful. While these times have made some couples incredibly frustrated and even on the verge of going crazy/breaking up due to lockdown with their partner 24/7—remind yourself to practice a rhythm of self-care, compassion, and respect.

Everyone reacts differently to times of trauma* and stress.

There are couples right now who wish they could be near their partner. You must focus on being patient, and building your individual relationship towards loving your self & self-kindness. 

How you treat yourself, is how you treat your partner.

9. Long-Distance Relationships And Thanksgiving 2020

To my couples who are in Long Distance Relationships—this pandemic has not been easy or kind to you. I hear you, validate you, and see you. The last time seeing your significant other: days have turned into weeks, weeks into months, months into years…and time is starting to blend if it hasn’t already.

Those memories with your partner are becoming a distant pleasant dream. A time when you both were so happy.

You are stressed. Scared about your partner’s commitment. Wondering “do they still love me?” You’re wanting to be by their side because it’s the only place you know you’d feel safe and comfortable enough during these bleak times.

I want to remind you, vaccinations are near their release. If you both can firmly communicate a strategic game plan on actionable steps to close the distance, this is the time to act now.

10. This Thanksgiving Highlights What’s Most Important To Us

Because it’s not luxury items that anyone needs right now. The stunting and flexing lifestyle has no worth or value—COVID-19 has been a huge slap of reality check.

You can’t put a price tag on the value of WHO is important to you. Those who would miss you if you left this world: intubated in the ICU.

Is it true that the best things in life are free? I know you can’t buy love, loyalty, dependability, honesty, compassion…but these things don’t come easy either.

What is important and true: developing and investing in yourself, to be the person who proves to their self, their own value system. To make yourself aligned and receptive to what you seek in this life.

Because to be treated with respect, dignity, humanity, compassion, and understanding is the most important of all.


During times of extreme trauma and stress, we are revealed to ourselves who we are. This is not a time to give up on yourself, your value, or your worth. Times are difficult for everyone in the world right now.

However, if you can find gratitude and focus on what you do have right now, it’s the secret to motivating yourself to have resiliency—because through it you can find abundance. The things worth fighting for.

And that is something we can all be thankful for this holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving & Be Well,

– Liana


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