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How Do I Find My Purpose? 11 Ways How

Finding Your Purpose

During the pandemic, we have faced ourselves in loneliness, fear, uncertainty, anxiety, and loss at all levels. Some have found their way into a spiraling depression. And yet, there are those who are left more and more wondering about their purpose in life.

Having purpose is touted as the sure-fire way to get your life revitalized. So they say.

Today I want to explore with you how to find your purpose. Tips that might help you uncover what you’ve troubled to grasp:

1. Purpose Is Not A Destination

I proposed in this post that love, happiness, and peace are all found within. Please read that post for further clarification. What’s troubling is that we have sold ourselves the idea that purpose is this moment of enlightenment “out there”.

Something separate from us.

And that by somehow “finding it”, we somehow find ourselves.

2. Be Present

You don’t discover your purpose; it’s revealed to you with time. It’s cliche sounding, but that’s because it’s missing the other half of the explanation.

By being fully present and mindful, you bring awareness to your inner self. You begin the work of inner work. You unpackage past blockages which have largely been given to you by other people:

Self-limiting ideas & beliefs. Self-criticalness. Self-hate. Self-sabotage. Self-doubt.

Only when we are present and aware of WHO we are right now, we can uncover the blockages that need to be removed.

3. Because Purpose Is About Self-Love & Self-Honor

I’ve often pondered and meditated on what is the point of “life”. Here’s my answer: to define it.

It comes in all complexities, diversities, and the definition of it is expanding each day. The more we uncover, the more we realize how little we know.

Take the position of a constant student of life. And especially of your life.

It’s in this perspective we can honor and love ourselves. By appreciating our unique journey. And that it doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s except our own.

4. Purpose Isn’t A Commodity

You can’t find purpose in commodities. Can you find your own individual purpose through breathing air? No, because we all do it. Can you find your own individual purpose through eating? It’s pleasurable, but no. Can you find your own individual purpose through currency/money? It’s useful, but doesn’t define you—everyone uses it.

Therefore, your purpose has to be something no one can take from you. That’s purpose. It’s the fire behind you that no one can snuff out or take away.

5. Purpose Is A Journey

Everyday you are uncovering your path of purpose. It doesn’t help just “wishing” you had what others have. That’s a useless journey…it has no gains or wins wishing to have another’s life.

Waking up with intent to put effort behind your ideas reveals your purpose with time.

Remember vibes: vibration causes energy or is being caused by it. Putting your energy and effort towards uncovering your purpose—putting action behind it—is the only way to succeed in unveiling it.

6. The Journey Of Purpose Is Ridden With Mistake

Evolution was accomplished by: mistake. Each error along the way allowed the success of life to form on this planet. If you are of the mind of creationism, that’s fine too—we can overview that in a future topic.

This is what your journey will look like: putting forth intentional action, making mistakes, and uncovering your purpose throughout.

7. Your Mistakes Must Be Made From YOUR Authentic Place

As stated in point #2, your largest journey you’ll ever take is the journey within. Unpackaging past traumas removes blockages that allow you to be receptive and open to a fulfilling life. Otherwise, we are truly living a life influenced by other’s errors & shortcomings.

And we should not make mistakes because of the influence of others. Especially pains passed to us from others.

Making mistakes from our own place—our testament to TRY—is how we build our foundation of success.

8. Because It’s About Learning & Lessons

It’s not just about the importance to learn from our mistakes: it’s the wisdom we gain along the way. The more wisdom you gain through lived-experience, the more you unlock the secret of your sense of purpose.

Because you will always embrace YOU in the future.

There is a future version of yourself you will eventually meet. And every choice we make—and don’t make—will be the stories that version of you will be defined by.

9. Don’t JUST Find What Makes You Happy

Because remember, happiness is found within. You can’t intend to capture what’s already within.

Even the most “happiest” & “purpose-filled” people still struggle with purpose. Yes, from the clients I’ve worked with, some are at the “top of their game” and yet they are still exploring and further defining their purpose.

Because for everyone who has achieved that “destination” of purpose & success…they discover there is no “fanfare” awaiting them at the end of their journey. They’re even more surprised there are other types of unique stresses and worries accompanied by obtaining that “destination” of success and purpose.

10. Some Of The Most Exciting And Worthwhile Moments Are In The Daily-Grind

It was in making the small steps forward; the momentum along the way; the creative venture; the mistakes made; and the hard moments that surprisingly become the most exciting, memorable, and “fun”.

It’s not the maintenance and struggles to stay in “that position” of success that excites people.

This is why never put a numerical currency amount on your definition of purpose or success. Because once you reach there…it’s not as exciting as your illusions led you to believe.

11. Be Curious

Your purpose will be uncovered by using your mind as it was created to be: open. Be open-minded to hear different perspectives; learn about new cultures and sub-cultures; and instill in your belief system, “Do what ever makes you happy, as long as you aren’t destroying yourself or hurting others.”

And as your mind continues to be blown away by life’s vast and sheer diversity, the more you embrace this really beautiful thing called life.

Eckhart Tolle once said, “We are the universe experiencing itself as human—for a little while.”

I’d like to add: Because whatever has driven the creation and experiences of the universe, desired to understand itself. That’s where humans come in.


Your purpose isn’t found “out there”; in a book; in a person; etc. It’s slowly uncovered to you by the experience you choose to integrate yourself with.

Purpose is part understanding why you put yourself through certain experiences and enjoying the creative process of revelation through time.

Being here, alive—with your hopes, dreams, desires, and wishes—is a miracle and a blessing. Because you have the power to create. You have the power to put action towards your ideas, dreams, and goals…uncovering your purpose along the way.

Pro tip: you can have more than just one grand purpose in life. You can have many, varying in degrees of grandeur. Each playing its unique importance in your overall experience of life & development.

Dedicate your life to the integrity of your choices. Own up to them. It’s in that, you find what you’re looking for.

Be With Peace & Vibe Well,

– Liana

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