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How To Keep Your Vibe Up: Pandemic Edition

Pandemic · Masks · COVID19

The pandemic. Lockdowns. Daily deaths rising. Borders shut down. Hello America.

While other countries who share the same continent don’t have an alarming surge as America, it’s important that we all get through this time together as one. The human race is fighting off a sweeping death that has taken millions of lives globally.

World economies are ravaged, politics has divided nations internationally, the rights of those who are “othered” are mainstage, and we face imminent closures—how do we stay strong during a time of complete bleakness?

Join me in this moment as we figure out how we can all overcome these times together.

The Pandemic/Virus Doesn’t Care About Your Beliefs

Some believe COVID-19 is a false virus/“fake news”. As if it were the same as Santa and The Tooth Fairy—not “real”.

Whether or not you personally believe in the virus, the virus doesn’t care about your beliefs. Those who are currently serving on the front lines—doctors, nurses, and hospital staff—get to see the horrors of those who succumb to the pandemic.

Remember: just because you haven’t seen it with your own personal eyes, does not mean it’s not real.

Real Is Revealed To You With Time

With time we are revealed how we incorporate our own biases. What we choose to believe. And what we choose to deny.

This is an important lesson, especially on how hope and perseverance play a role during times of strife—trials and tribulations.

Do You Choose Optimism? Or Pessimism?

These times are tough during the worldwide pandemic. But realize: this will one day be over. Vaccines are currently showing promise. So all is not lost. In fact, it speaks to the resiliency of humanity. Especially those who are working hard to make sure these times are a thing of the past.

That’s right, even the hardest moments in life become a “thing of the past”. In fact, every moment does.

The Pandemic Won’t Last Forever—But The Choices We Make Will

During this doldrum, what are you currently focused on? Are you focused on asset building? Are you focused on your pains and worries?

More importantly, what choices are you currently making based on your current state of mind?

There is this viral belief that the most millionaires in history came out from the Great Depression. Yes, we can certainly lay the building blocks towards a very bright future. We just need to start NOW.

The pandemic won’t last forever. However, our choices right now will echo for the future to come. We can wear masks and social distance, or we can choose not to. We can choose to focus on our blessings or focus on our suffering.

But it all comes down to choice.

FOMO Does Not Exist During A Pandemic

For the many of you who constantly lived as if you were “left out” or “left behind” from all the fun your friends were having pre-pandemic, this is no longer an issue. In fact, it would be irresponsible to continue having grouped large parties and get-togethers. #stopthespread

Responsibility—to the health of yourself and others—should be your number one focus.

During this time, you are allowed permission to have enough downtime to be spent with: YOU.

Who Are You?

Not many of us pre-pandemic had the chance to really be with ourselves, and nurture our inner relationship with ourselves. We often were addicted to being at THE place, THE party, THE date, THE vacation spot, THE ____.

And more often than not, we were addicted to our phones. Looking for every new notification; new like; new comment; new status update; new item in our social media feeds…

We were focused so much on what was going on outside of us, but never taking the time to spend time getting to know what’s going on inside of us.

Self-Care During The Pandemic

The greatest investment you can ever make is the investment in yourself. Learn something new. Read a book. Join online Zoom groups to discuss new topics. Read a blog. Start a new hobby you can learn online.

Create something new.

If you remember from this post, movement is the key of life.

Your skillset is your tool to help increase the frequency of your movement in life. So whatever you do: Don’t. Stop. Moving.

Be Curious

During this momentary pause in life, the economy, and the world, this is the perfect opportunity to expand your curiosities. Step outside your usual interests, to discover something new. And you can do so in the safety of your own home.

Youtube is a great place to start. So are online learning communities like Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, and

As you expand your skills and curiosities, you begin to activate confidence inside of you. You activate the part of you that desires a deeper understanding of your limits—and perhaps even pushing past them.

Patience Is Your Friend During The Pandemic

Patience is a virtue. But patience is also your best friend as we all get through these challenging times together.

Be patient with yourself. Don’t demand so much out of yourself.

As we continue to keep ourselves and others safe during these times, we are reminded of our humanity. And how much compassion is necessary during the rough times, but also during the good times.

If You Don’t Arise From The Pandemic Different, You’re Doing It Wrong

If you happen to rise from this era of the pandemic the same as you entered it, you did NOT utilize this time optimally.

Some of us have lost jobs. A family member. A friend. Some of us have even lost long-term relationships and marriages. Quarantines and lockdowns have different effects on people.

These are not the moments to be hard on yourself. This is the moment to enrich your surroundings to know and remind yourself: you matter.

Because As We Lose Things Along The Way, We Are Making Room For New Possibilities

In the late summer of 2020, my home state of California was ravaged by forest fires. Acres of land and homes were devastated near my home city. Forests that were centuries old were burnt to ash. Gone.

But I’m reminded of the fact that forest fires are a natural cycle of its ongoing history. Forest fires clear trees, to allow dormant seeds on the forest floor a chance to sprout and flourish. It’s an opportunity for new life.

So while loss has been a very burgeoning theme this year, if this hasn’t reminded you to live more boldly in your life. To speak from your heart. To tell someone you love them. To hold others around you accountable for their actions…again, you haven’t learned optimally from this time.


These times are rough on everybody. But there is hope. We can see the horizon in the distance, and that this pandemic era will one day soon be over.

And when we all rise out from this dark place of struggle, I can only hope you are able to do so with your health intact, and those important to you are by your side.

For those of you who have encountered loss—in all forms—during this time, my heart is with you. My vibe is with you. Loss is never easy.

You are a fighter. You are strong. Don’t give up. Remember, you’ve made it this far.

Stay safe & Be Well,

– Liana

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