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Overcoming The Death Of A Loved One

Top 7 Tips To Overcome Death Of A Loved One

Death is the process that balances life. Last year, I lost my Grandfather who was a major close figure in my life. Losing him during the 2020 pandemic only highlighted…
Sincere Apology

Sincere Apology: What That Looks Like

In this article, I outlined the definition of healing. When we seek to heal with another it is accompanied by a sincere apology. However, I find that most people don’t…
What Does Healing Mean & Look Like?

What Does Healing Mean & Look Like?

“This is a space for healing” most practitioners of healing affirm with a new or closed-off client. We seek out healing because we don’t like to suffer. And if we’re not…
Sacrifice Is Your Power: 7 Reasons Why

Sacrifice Is Your Power: 7 Reasons Why

When I was younger, I remember hearing the word “sacrifice”. And it was after watching the scene from Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom that the images of that word…
How To Disarm Toxic People

How To Disarm A Toxic Person: 9 Insights

When we visualize what a toxic person “looks like”, most of us probably visualize devil horns complete with a slithering tail from their behind. Toxic people can be acquaintances; coworkers; “friends”;…
Kindness Is Not Weakness

Is Your Kindness Being Mistaken For Weakness?

If I were to ask you the question, “Do relationships require kindness?” What would your immediate answer be? Most of you would respond yes. However, why is kindness often mistaken…
What Can Trans People Spiritually Teach Us?

What Can Trans People Spiritually Teach Us?

Photograph: © Kataluna Enriquez & Alex Matt Photography In this post I shared about what having best friends who are Trans taught me. Surprisingly, I believe we can learn so…
9 Reasons You Don’t Want Your Ex Back

9 Reasons You Don’t Want Your Ex Back

Breakups and the end of a relationship are difficult. Even more insidious is the feeling of wanting your ex back in your lonely & empty moments. We beg, plead, pray,…
Prevention Key To Happier Relationships

Prevention: The Key To Happier Relationships?

I come from the Integrative Medicine field and study, as pioneered by Dr. Andrew Weil MD. My favorite key quote from the field is: “It’s easier and cheaper to prevent…
How Do I Find My Purpose? 11 Ways How

How Do I Find My Purpose? 11 Ways How

During the pandemic, we have faced ourselves in loneliness, fear, uncertainty, anxiety, and loss at all levels. Some have found their way into a spiraling depression. And yet, there are…
Accountability Blog

Be Accountable: 10 Reasons Why

I always recommend and strongly suggest being accountable. In fact, I recommend it frequently. You might wonder why: accountability is a powerful tool you should always have in your repertoire.…


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