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10 Tips If Partner Cheated

10 Insights If Your Partner Cheated

Relationships are difficult to navigate in the modern age. Cheating is rampant. With a phone in everyone’s pocket, and most relationships starting from online dating, we enter dating with a…

11 Ways To Build Resiliency In Your Life

Resiliency can be summed up with this one quote from the Buddha: “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” It’s very hard to find someone who hasn’t endured trials and tribulations. Some face…

12 Considerations Of Jealousy In Dating & Relationships

The Green-Eyed Monster. Jealousy is a very touchy subject in today’s dating, couples, and relationships. We aspire to and pride ourselves in not getting jealous from another’s actions—especially from our…

10 Tips To Overcome Pandemic Dating

2020 has thrown dating into unknown uncharted territory. How does someone date during the pandemic? Is it possible to build an authentic connection while societies are under lockdowns? My answer…
Trans Flag 2

What Having Trans Best Friends Taught Me About Life

I have Trans best friends. This carries weight, speculation, and misinterpretations. That’s okay. I’ve always gravitated towards the different, the uncommon, and the unconventional. After surviving extreme torment from bullies…

Why You Need To Trust Yourself

Trust. I think it’s very easy to establish the necessity of trust between a friend or especially an intimate romantic partner. But I need to ask, do you trust yourself?…

How To Keep Your Vibe Up: Pandemic Edition

The pandemic. Lockdowns. Daily deaths rising. Borders shut down. Hello America. While other countries who share the same continent don’t have an alarming surge as America, it’s important that we…


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