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How To Keep Your Vibe Up: Pandemic Edition

The pandemic. Lockdowns. Daily deaths rising. Borders shut down. Hello America. While other countries who share the same continent don’t have an alarming surge as America, it’s important that we…

Why You Should Be Aware Of Your Projections

Projections are powerful. They aren’t an obvious fact of life, but their role is monumental. What are projections? How do they affect relationships? More importantly, how do projections create and…

How Forgiveness Heals & Frees You

Forgiveness is my favorite personal character decision I utilize constantly and consistently. I used to believe forgiveness meant condoning someone else’s bad behavior. And eventually, I saw forgiveness as weakness.…
Integrity Blog

Integrity In Relationships…And Breakups

Integrity is in short supply. It is my belief that success is obtained, and maintained, through having integrity. How and why? In today’s article, I want to focus on integrity…

The Power Of Catharsis: Release

Have you ever held in something you wanted to release & express? And have you ever done so for a long time? Let me rephrase this: have you ever known…
What The Loss Of Love Can Teach Us

What The Loss of Love Can Teach Us

What can the loss of love teach us? Through this adventure of life, we will encounter our moments with another to discover and share the meaning of intimacy and companionship.…

Overcome A Broken Heart

Breakups. Suck. There’s no getting around the immense pain felt from a broken heart and empty void that now takes residence in our lives. Every time we move, the empty…

Choice: The Power of Your Decisions

When I was in the 7th grade, I was told by one of my close girlfriends about a book she read that stated, “Happiness is a choice, as much as suffering…

The Power of Conscious Breathing

Conscious Breathing…what is it? And how is it different than normal breathing? You’re probably wondering how an article on breathing could be fascinating since we do it all the time.…


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