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Overcome A Broken Heart

Breakups. Suck. There’s no getting around the immense pain felt from a broken heart and empty void that now takes residence in our lives. Every time we move, the empty…

Choice: The Power of Your Decisions

When I was in the 7th grade, I was told by one of my close girlfriends about a book she read that stated, “Happiness is a choice, as much as suffering…

The Power of Conscious Breathing

Conscious Breathing…what is it? And how is it different than normal breathing? You’re probably wondering how an article on breathing could be fascinating since we do it all the time.…

Time: Your Most Valuable Commodity

“Do you remember when we…?” I love being able to start a sentence—a question—like this with someone important to me. Because, how we spend our time is valuable. Memories bring…

Confidence: How to Build It & Own It

Confident people are very attractive. We look at them, with glory, envy, respect, and much more. But what is confidence? And how can you grow it in your life? Today’s…
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Courage: Awaken Your Strength Within

Courage. Life will ask you to be courageous, in times of uncertainty or extreme doubt, and especially when you feel scared to the bone. What is courage and what does…

Concepts to Cultivate Happiness

To be happy. Happiness. Etched in many hearts and desires of you, those around you, those before you; and more than likely, those after you. It’s safe to say, most…

Vibes. What are they? And do vibes matter?

Vibes. You’ve seen the word plastered everywhere: online in memes, sweaters, coffee mugs, and especially in new-age paraphernalia. But what are vibes? And where do they come from? Furthermore, are…


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