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What Can Trans People Spiritually Teach Us?

What Can Trans People Spiritually Teach Us?

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In this post I shared about what having best friends who are Trans taught me. Surprisingly, I believe we can learn so much about their lives & struggles to help humanity advance forward.

I’ve been thinking a lot over the years about why spiritually Trans or Intersex people exist. I’ve also been incredibly fascinated by human biology and how we continue to discover new paradigms of what it means to be human.

Today I want to focus on the 7 spiritual teachings Trans people—and their existence—teach us:

1. Trans People Remind Us We Aren’t Just Physical Beings

We are mental, emotional, and spiritual beings too. We aren’t the physical limitations of our bodies, but so much more.

When we focus on the whole person: whether in relationships; medicine (i.e. Integrative Medicine); wellness; lifestyle—we remind ourselves of the importance of every other aspect of being human. Furthermore, of being alive. And reminding ourselves to not just focus on the micro, but the macro aspects as well.

We bring ourselves to every facet of life. And it’s not JUST our bodies.

2. Trans People Remind Us The Power Of Spirit

If you ever get to personally know a Trans person, their spirit has overcome a great deal. Many have fought against misunderstanding, discrimination, bullying, injustice, marginalization, violence, oppression, and hate. And probably always will.

Their vibe—or spirit—is on a journey to embrace their deepest authenticity at the risk of it all.

What has your spirit needed along your journey of life? What truths do you seek to understand about the world? Especially of yourself? The greatest journey we can ever take is the journey within.

“Do whatever makes you happy. As long as you don’t destroy yourself, or harm another.”

3. Trans People & Christianity

One of the world’s most popular religion, Christianity, affirms the existence of Trans people. Christianity has often passed judgments of other cultures and religions. And some Christians ridicule Trans people.

However, in The Bible there are 2 passages to keep in mind:

Matthew 19:12 “For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others—and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it.”

Samuel 16:7 “But the LORD said to Samuel, ‘Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”

4. Trans People Remind Us About Dating

Trans people remind us of the importance to look beyond just the physicality in dating. Because some people aren’t able to control certain aspects of their bodies.

We have 24 hours in a day. 8 hours is reserved for sleeping. In a relationship, maybe 1 hour for sexual intimacy. That leaves 15 hours left to be around someone…and hopefully that time is enjoyable.

Dating and settling just for looks and appearances doesn’t achieve happiness. Because an attractive person with an ugly attitude can ruin you. And make you fearful of ever opening up to love again.

Our spiritual wellness depends on our mental, emotional, and physical wellness too. Our partner should be able to satisfy all—or most—parts of the whole experience. And vice versa.

5. Genitals Do Not Make A Person

Just ask an Intersex person. Genitals do not dictate if a person will be successful; kind; compassionate; generous; a genius; a dancer; an astrophysicist; etc.

Sex-reveal parties (as they should be called) celebrate an aspect of our being that we do not develop as a skill. We should focus more on our celebration of the health of a new-born, not sex characteristics.

A penis; vagina; or something in-between are body parts. They do not define a person.

When we focus less on genitals, and more on overall health, we can have a healthier relationship with our bodies…and the bodies of others.

6. Relationships & Sex Later On

As stated in #4, the long-term value of a partner is found in the shared values, character, and morals. Marriages or relationships that only focus on the sexual aspect, lose the entirety of the person in orgasms.

Furthermore, as we grow older and our bodies age, the drive for sex changes too.

To expect ourselves to be as voracious as a young teenager going through puberty is short-sighted. When we only invest in the sexual aspect of our lives and a partner, we set ourselves up for an inability to be around that person when the sex is no longer capable or frequent.

7. Trans People Teach Us Different Doesn’t Always Mean Bad

Lastly, I’ve met Trans people who were just horrible beings. And I’ve met Trans people who were fantastic beings. It’s not about their gender identity—it’s about their character as an individual.

Trans is a part of them, but not their whole definition.

Life comes in a wide array of definitions. It’s always expanding. And we learn more and more with scientific research and understandings.

What’s beautifully different about you? What parts of you ignite shame and fear of judgment? Remember: do whatever makes you happy, as long as you don’t destroy yourself or harm another.

Trans people are different…but life has always been different.


Trans people can teach us spiritual truths. Their desire to live authentically and openly invites us to live open & authentic—and that’s an invitation I’m willing to accept. Can you?

The Trans Community is part of the bigger spectrum of the LGBTQI. Above all, we aren’t limited to genitals or who we love in consenting adult relationships.

Because life is not an everlasting adventure. Life ends and transitions into something we can’t describe in words. Some believe there is an afterlife—and others do not.

But whether or not there is one, it doesn’t take away the importance of living fully. Having self-love to turn our dreams into realities. Even a dream to simply live deeply, authentically, and spiritually.

We all transition. For Trans people, their transition is just more obvious. I’d like to ask: who are you transitioning into?

Furthermore, what version of you are you transitioning into?

Be With Peace & Vibe Well,

– Liana

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