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Life Coaching

Liana Vibes is a certified Life Coach. Combining her unique lived experiences, especially overcoming extreme trials & tribulations, her resiliency is the gift she identifies in others–and works passionately to draw it out of her clients.

Her current certifications are with the University of Arizona’s Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine and Transformation Academy. Liana Vibes’ constant curious nature has led her to work with mentors who specialize in Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) & Internal Family Systems (IFS). She is actively working to be informed in these fields. Her intent is to continuously learn different treatments to facilitate the best outcome for her clients. Including working as the liaison to therapists with specific treatment modalities.

Liana Vibes’ style of Life Coaching is centered on empowering the individual to experience transformation. This transformation is alchemy with a modern twist–making the realm of future dreams of success, a reality.


Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine Coaches

Why Life Coaching?

When you fight forward for dignity, truth, peace, & joy–it’s meaningless if you don’t show others how you got there.”

Liana Vibes believes her personal survival story towards peace & dignity is meaningless without showing others how to navigate their own journeys. She believes in bringing purpose, to pain.

Liana Vibes acknowledges the intelligent wisdom within each individual. Her responsibility as a facilitator of healing, is to draw out your deepest relationship with your highest truth. 

Sometimes the connection is sullied through picked up perceptions & projections from especially toxic, antagonistic, or people with high Narcissistic traits.

This is why it’s important to work with Life Coaches who are Trauma-informed. 

Liana Vibes draws from the work & teachings of Dr. Andrew Weil: “The root word of experience & experiment are the same.” Lived experiences are valid experiments of healing. Liana Vibes has an edge due to her vast survival story of traumas.


Is Life Coaching therapy?

Life Coaching is not therapy, instead works in conjunction with conventional therapy or as a standalone treatment. Therapists, especially Psychologists/Psychiatrists, can give clinical diagnoses or prescribe medications for mental health. Life Coaches do not offer these treatment modalities.

Generally, conventional therapists are past/present focused. Meaning, they are well equipped and trained to uncover deep woundings of the past, and capable of handling especially dangerous or painfully crippling memories that may come up. It’s vital to work with a licensed therapist if directly accessing specific traumatic memories to directly work on them, as this needs a specialized & medicalized approached. 

On the other hand, Life Coaches are generally present/future focused. And can help with setting goals of what you envision for you life, holding you accountable, offering different perspectives, and–in the case of Liana Vibes–empowering you to be in touch with your intuition on what is right for you. 

Many individuals choose to utilize both conventional therapy in conjunction with Life Coaching. As a person heals previous traumas and wounding in therapy, they utilize Life Coaching on holding them accountable with their vision of what the new future for them looks like. Acquiring goals and reducing the internal barriers (i.e. self doubt, etc.) to get there, is a large part of Life Coaching.

What does Liana Vibes specialize in?

Liana Vibes specializes in Trauma-informed Life Coaching, with an emphasis on healing forward from trauma done by toxic, antagonistic, or people with high-narcissistic traits. For these clients, they must have already seen a conventional therapist and/or are actively in therapy. 

Additionally, dating, relationships, self-empowerment, and guidance for those who are non-cisgender (Intersex or Trans) to navigate their transition/assimilation to general society.


Ready to transform into your most empowered self? And function at your most optimal state? Work with a Life Coach who specializes in the integrative approach towards the mind-body connection & is trauma-informed. Book your free consultation now!