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Elevate your next event, class, or fireside chat with Liana Vibes’ dedication to empowerment. Her ability to connect and inspire audiences comes from her ability to integrate professional and personal lived expertise.

Her mentors include the work and teachings of Dr. Andrew Weil, who is a large proponent of the mind-body connection. As Liana states, “Thoughts influence feelings, feelings influence beliefs, beliefs influence actions–action changes you and the world around you.”

Liana has been the keynote speaker at major universities, NGOs, & community events. Her strong dedication to advocacy of diversity, equity, and inclusion is the foundation of her work. And allow those who feel unseen, to be seen.

Enjoying the interaction and palpable energy of the audience is an opportunity to bring real world application of Liana’s teachings. She approaches with an interactive process. Planting seeds of thought, in order for the audience to reflect afterwards and have meaningful discussions in their lives. 

Most importantly, Liana believes in the power of shared thought. Together we can make a difference in the world. By starting with the most powerful thing in the universe: your own mind.

Speaker for motivation and empowerment

Ready to transform your audience and leave them with a lasting impactful impression? Specializing in empowerment, surviving trauma, finding clarity after narcissistic abuse, and most importantly--the rebirth of your highest version of self. Book your free consultation now!