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11 Valuable Truths Investing & The Stock Market Taught Me About Life

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Where’s all my women stock investors at? Investing is largely a man’s domain, but I absolutely enjoy meeting other women who have delved into the world of financial health; the F.I.R.E. Movement; and financial liberation.

It’s like a unicorn, finding a fellow unicorn. There’s more others like me out there?

Today I want to focus on 10 valuable truths I learned about being in the Stock Market, and what investing has taught me about life.

1. Always Do Your In-depth Research Before Investing

In order to gain value and growth in your investments, it is critical to be dedicated to research and gaining data on your target investment.

Buying a used car. Buying a home. Further pursuing that attractive date or match you swiped right on.

The power of your choices comes from the proactive understanding of WHY you choose, what you choose.

2. Because Your Time Is Always Valuable

In the case of value investing/long-term investors, it’s never about “timing the market, but your time in the market”.

Your time is the most precious commodity in life. It’s the commodity you don’t get back.

Investing in a bad stock can be detrimental and devastating. Instead of seeing mountains of green, you see deep caverns of red. A blood bath with the bears.

3. So Is Your Effort

When you consider the “8th Wonder Of the World”—compound interest—an investment is only as valuable as your initial due diligence of research on that investment.

Consistently expanding your position in a stock, is the effort which produces results. Just like consistent commitment and effort in a relationship or a marriage, is the secret to its long-term success.

Just always remember that age-old adage/mantra: “You reap what you sow.”

4. Investing: Things Get Exponentially Valuable and Greater With Time

Just like aged wine or whiskey, investing and holding a great stock over time will give you delicious, complex, and a variety of ways to enjoy the results. It gives you opportunity.

The magic isn’t found in quick initial highs. And while I can appreciate those of the r/wallstreetbets lifestyle, gambling is not value investing. 

The same can be said for a passion you pursue and practice through time. Skills get better with time, not a quickie foray of a one time stint.

Consider this mindset too for healthy and loving friendships, family, and relationships/marriages.

Your ability to say to someone “Do you remember when we…?” will give you the richness of shared experiences, that have become epic memories to reflect back on. 

Because memories tell us who we are now.

5. Investing: Don’t Buy The Hype

Your purpose is to do research and invest—not make decisions based on what your favorite Youtube star; financial magazine; or next-door neighbor with the nice car told you.

Because you’re always going to find an opinion to tell you yes, and tell you no.

Say out loud and vibe with this truth of life: CONFIRMATION BIAS.

Life is a balance of polar opposites existing on a spectrum. You will always find what you’re looking for, even if it keeps you comfortable where you are now: in a mindset of limits and fears.

6. Research & ACT: Invest!

Along with confirmation bias, do NOT get trapped in Analysis Paralysis. Don’t get stuck analyzing endlessly, only to discover you lost out on your opportunity to jump in.

This is important in life. Know what you want, say it, express it, and validate it.

Are you feeling and vibing with the person you’re dating? Say so! Did the effort from a friend or random stranger really make your day? Express it out loud! Feel like taking that chance even though you’re nervous and uncertain? Like Nike, Just Do It!

7. You Don’t Get Results By Jumping In & Out

Not to mention with investing, you’re racking up on those Capital Gains Tax. We all love our tendies, but jumping in and out is not a sustainable or fruitful venture.

Here’s why: you can miss out on some really shocking and incredible gains unexpectedly.

Nothing makes my morning like sipping on my homemade latte & seeing some jaw-dropping skyrocketed amount in my portfolio.

The same can be said for relationships with a person. It’s your sustained commitment—no cold feet, “cushioning”, ins-and-outs, breaking-up-just-to-make-up—which leads to a fuller and robust experience.

8. Investing: Dips Test Your Commitment & Fortitude

Highs and lows happen with every stock. And guess what? High and lows happen in every relationship.

If you have fooled yourself into believing you’ll always see green. If you have fooled yourself into believing relationships are only supposed to have good days—you have a very immature perspective on the nature of commitment and value investing.

In life, including relationships, it’s not about avoiding the bad times. It’s about how you get through them respectfully, honorably, and lovingly.

9. Investing Is Patience 

When we plant an apple seed into the ground, do we get frustrated it’s not producing fruit when it emerges from the soil? When we lay the first piece of the foundation for our dream home, do we scowl that we aren’t able to yet walk into it?

Investing is your relationship with patience. I know, we want things done and done quickly.

We want to experience it all right now.

I will say this, the purpose of not getting things so fast and easily is it deepens the worth and value of the result we seek.

That’s it. Because anything that was achieved too easy or too fast, we’d spend and use it carelessly. It wouldn’t have meaning if it was lost.

10. Don’t Compare Your Portfolio, To Another’s Portfolio (Investing 101)

It’s easy to get envious of other’s portfolios, especially if they’re raking in thousands a day. But it’s not about comparing what they have, to what you have.

It’s about doing what’s right and good for you. It’s your commitment to your self, your financial journey, that is the most important of all.

Some people started off with large capital to invest (i.e. inheritance, etc.). You don’t know how someone’s family made their money, or what a person’s story fully is. It will not serve you to compare your portfolio to another’s. 

Furthermore: never compare your life, to another’s life. There are stories you do not know, which probably would deter you from “wanting their life”.

11. About Bears & Bulls

Bulls strike up. Bears strike down. When those bears hit, and dips happen to a valuable company/good stock, this is an opportunity to buy more and increase your position. This is when you bring in your strategic support and best reinforcements, to propel towards prosperous and abundant days.

Your relation to how you ride the waves, natural ebb and flow, is life itself.

The Stock Market is a symbol of value personified, with cash as its currency. And in many ways, is symbolic of the individual themselves.

The more we invest in ourselves, in our lives, and the factors important—family, friends, purpose, meaning—we’ll have a lot for those “Golden Years” ahead.

Stay Strong & Vigilant,

– Liana

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