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Vibes. What are they? And do vibes matter?

Night Sky Vibes

Vibes. You’ve seen the word plastered everywhere: online in memes, sweaters, coffee mugs, and especially in new-age paraphernalia. But what are vibes? And where do they come from? Furthermore, are we all talking about the same thing when we utter the word?

Follow along with me as I take on these questions with my own interpretation. And hopefully, it will help you too.

Nikola Tesla Understood Vibes

First, I’d like to begin with a quote by the famed and historic scientist Nikola Tesla:


Holy Trinity:


“If you wish to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

Vibration. Everything in the universe vibrates. Though imperceptible with the human eye, at the deeply microscopic level—the level of atoms: protons, neutrons, and electrons—it’s all moving. The laptop or smart screen you’re staring at reading these words are moving. It’s not static.

When you look up at the walls in the room you’re in, or any seemingly solid object around you, it’s fascinating enough to know, there’s quite a lot going on keeping that thing “solid”

Remember back in science class in college, even as far as back as high school, we’re taught how everything is mostly empty space. Said wall in front of you, or seemingly solid object you chose to look at, all empty space. It’s the collaboration of our brain’s interpretation of the world around us, that makes things seem very precise. But, in reality, it’s not as precise as we’d like it to be. Even if we want to be certain, as certain can be.

Movement is the key of life. And we’ll discuss this more in future posts.

Vibration = Vibe

Okay great, so everything is vibrating. Moving. What now? Why does it matter?

Vibration is energy. Either creating it or caused by it. And behind all movement we can perceive with our eyes, energy is the key of life.

How things move, either separately or cohesively, can create a lot of momentum. More movement. More energy. The more energy you have, the more vibration you got going on.

I like to think of social movements and causes. One voice can resonate with many people, and become a powerful and often historic part of humanity. In fact, one of my favorite quotes in high school was when my best friend at that time told me: “It doesn’t take a thousand people to make a difference, it takes only one to inspire the minds of many.”

Let that sink in. And how it reflects to our current events of the world in 2020. I believe throughout history, people’s suffering has needed to be the loudest—to offset the pain that is left invisible. And deeply in the shadows. The fight for equality is a powerful vibration, so is the opposite of it.

So, if vibration can cause energy, or is the result of it, let’s jump into frequency.

Frequency: The Amount Of Vibes

Have you ever seen a chart displaying the different light waves? And how each one from visible to the imperceptible with the human eye (gamma, x-ray, UV, etc.) increases in its intensity, thus changing its power, and the result of that power?

Visible light allows us to enjoy the splendid beauties of a vibrant sunset, gives a fun experience to the pictures in this blog, the splendor of depth-perception, and allows us to choose between shades “blush pink” or “baby pink” when shopping for paint at the local hardware store.

Are you feeling #blessed right now–I know I am. Thank you visible light.

Visible Light Spectrum

Wavelength are inverse to Frequency. Vibe = energy, energy can be measured in frequency


But when we move up the light wave spectrum, we get into very interesting things. Cranking up the frequency, we get into the realm of X-rays and Gamma rays. We all know the fun times of an X-ray: taking an intimate peek into our human bodies, but usually in the detection of disease or a broken bone. Pause to appreciate that. X-rays are like the voyeur to the inside dealings of the human body.

Gamma rays give us the highest photon energy, and we know them spewed out in nuclear fission bombs—the display of the iconic mushroom cloud should give you an idea of just how powerful these things are. Not to be messed with or disrespected.

As we increase in frequency, we can really change the world around us. In good ways, and not so good ways.

But enough of the science lesson. We are here to talk about vibration: vibes.

“Think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” The holy grail, the trinity.

YOU Are Vibes

You, my reader, are a very powerful and energetic being. Extremely capable of changing the world around you. Directly.

I want you to consider, the times in your past where the direct action of another, caused a whirlwind of events that changed you greatly. Especially, the painful memories.

In that direct experience, you may have taken actions and choices—based on that pain—that either sabotaged you, made you feel incredibly helpless, and weak. To whomever that person or event was, that transfer of energy got you on a journey of a specific frequency. Look into it deeper, and they were transferring their own personal low vibes/low frequency, onto you.

And since frequency exists on a spectrum of low and high, your lower frequency self…perhaps resulted in you taking actions to affirm and reflect this. In psychology, we call this “transference”. And the more we surround ourselves with the results of those choices, the more we assist in keeping our vibes low.

Because remember, vibes = energy. Either causing it or caused by it.

All Movement In The Universe Is Energy

And energy is what creates, changes, either evolves—or devolves—the world around us.

Always remember this you powerful human being. Your vibes matter. They are what add to the universe. Thus, it is the beginning, the root: of what influences you, inspires you, and moves you.

It’s also what remains after you pass away.

So the next time you see “good vibes”, just consider that it’s because we sometimes forget how we can be the leader and champion of our own lives. Creating each moment, and each second, the life we either want to live. Or the one we don’t.

Vibes are…what fuels our choices. And the life we have now is simply the result of the string of choices we’ve made in the past.

So, keep your vibe authentic. Be keenly observant and presently aware, every day. Nourish and keep working on it. 

I’ll vibe with you in the next post.


– Liana

P.S. Take a look at this article. Which I’ve come to reflect on time, and time, again:

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