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Why Gratitude Is Important In Life & Relationships

Gratitude Grateful

I love gratitude. In fact, I express it constantly and consistently to those important around me. 

Gratitude was never my strongest suit in my childhood years. But as I grew older, I found that gratitude is not only an important feeling to have—it’s also essential for others to feel it.

In today’s article, I want to focus on why you should practice more gratitude in your life and in your relationships.

Gratitude Helps You Feel Abundant

Every day in life we have a choice on what to focus on. Tony Robbins states, “Where your attention goes, energy flows.”

Our inner awareness is guided by the simple choice of what we choose to focus on.

We can focus on what we don’t have. Or what we do have.

Abundance Is Simply Gratitude

You will always find someone who is bigger, stronger, richer, physically attractive, smarter…this list is infinite. I can put every adjective in front of you and you’ll probably find it out there in this world.

Abundance is when we realize, the things we have in this moment, someone out there in the world wishes they had exactly what we have.

In many ways, the life you have right now, someone only dares to dream what that might feel like. They may be wishing to only have the problems you have right now.

Gratitude Changes Your Vibe

We exist in a continuum of abundance and lack. If we consistently focus on what we don’t have, we are projecting an energy of lack. And people who lack are gluttonous. Their energy sends off “nothing is ever enough”.

These simply are people who will never be satisfied.

In contrast, someone who is constantly and consistently grateful for what they have, walk through this world with a strong sense of who they are. Because it’s not things or labels that define them—they are defined by their character and integrity.

Confidence Doesn’t Come From What You Have

Many people define themselves by popularity, luxury brands, cars, and other material possessions. Usually, this isn’t a signal of confidence, but a desire and need to impress others.

I have personally known many millionaires who can buy anything in the world but are greatly depressed and unhappy.

Because it’s true: in life whether we are conscious of it or not, we are constantly seeking something which validates our inner-authenticity. Whether through relationships, friendships, or crowd-pleasing. 

All are simply attempts to find some semblance of acceptance, hoping to help us accept ourselves.

Gratitude Allows You The Gift Of Authentic Confidence

Our greatest equalizer is death. Yes, everyone dies. It’s not something most people want to talk about or discuss. But I think it’s important to.

Accepting that one day you will die, frees you to love your life now. Exactly as it is.

Because it’s in this awakening, you understand the importance of making bold decisions and choices that may change your journey. Forever.

THAT is true confidence. When you can commit to yourself, be boldly self-aware, and honest with yourself—this is what self-love is.

Gratitude In Relationships

There are some relationships where the words “thank you” is rarely expressed. Some exist where they simply expect things as if they are entitled to be treated a certain way.

And it’s in these types of relationships, where a partner feels greatly unhappy. Because people desire to feel validated and appreciated.

Everyone’s time and effort is valuable. Acknowledging through appreciation isn’t just positive reinforcement, but this is what intimacy is built on—the mundane of the everyday commitment between two people.

Because Every Day You Commit

A relationship title between two people is just a title. It’s the meaning and actions behind that title, which gives it value.

Every day you commit to your partner, to be a partner. Your commitment didn’t start and end the day you made things “official”.

Just as every day, you commit to your values and morals. It’s through time, that we understand our integrity.

Gratitude Builds Integrity

Remember, integrity is built through time. Time-and-time again our commitment to another or to who we are, is tested.

When we are grateful for what we have, we make choices to not dishonor the abundance of wealth which is in our lives right now.

Gratitude Is Love

When we aren’t focused on what we don’t have, we open ourselves to appreciating what’s in front of us. We are able to appreciate the good. Even the small details bring us closer to a deeper love and respect—because everything is in the details, big or small.

Because Nothing In Life—Good Or Bad—Lasts

In Buddhist philosophy, Samsara: “everything is equally created and destroyed”, is inescapable.

This is why all Eastern philosophies all attempt to do one thing: drive you deeper into the present moment. It’s how we escape the worries about the future and the hurts and anxieties from the past.

If we can accept nothing in life lasts, it makes us appreciate and hold on deeper to what is in the present moment. Rather than being blinded by fantasies in the future.


We can learn to love deeper, by having gratitude for what IS right NOW. We can learn to love ourselves and our journey, including loving another more graciously.

The feeling of wholeness and completeness, joy and contentment, peace, and gratitude—is never “out there”.

They are all already within. Simply needing to be tapped into. Usually through a conduit like a person, place, or thing. But those who take a more direct approach, can achieve such through meditation and living mindfully in the present.

Day by day…gratitude is a choice.

I am grateful for you joining me today. I hope this helps.

– Liana

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