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Why Love & Peace Are In You…And Not “Out There”

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Have you ever loved before? Have you ever felt peace? Good. But more importantly, have you ever been sold the idea that with that specific person, place, or thing—you would be whole & happy?

In today’s article, I want to focus on why the best things you experience in life, are inside you. And why they are not “out there”.

I want to focus on why the best things in life are continuous journeys, and never a destination.

The Law Of Wholeness

You are a complete and whole person. Inside, and out. Don’t believe me? 

In your body right now, it has all the necessary components to keep your heart pumping; your lungs taking in air without conscious effort, and your eyes have organized the light and the words off your screen to base an understanding of this sentence you are reading—in your own mind.

You. Get. What. I’m. Saying?

Check out my first initial post on Vibes if you’re still lost. And keep this in mind as we continue along.

Yin-Yang : Whole

Take a look at one of my favorite symbols. The Yin & Yang. 

Yin Yang Symbol 

This is who you are, especially your mind.

It’s the balanced whole of duality. Everything in the universe comes in dualities: life & death; young & old; cold & hot; wet & dry; believer & non-believer; scientific & non-scientific; homosexual & heterosexual; cis-gender & transgender; etc.

There are many spectrums, but they exist on a nice set of duality and polar opposites. Why? The power of Equilibrium. Also known as Homeostasis.

Wholeness: Equilibrium

Equilibrium is two opposing factors, which find themselves balancing the other out. They are both powerful alone in each own right. And yet, they are intimately and constantly, intertwined.

Equilibrium drives the universe. In fact, it’s what allows life to exist on this planet—perfectly far enough, yet close enough, to the sun to sustain life.

The Wholeness Inside of You

You’ve probably experienced and can recall a painful moment in your life. And you can also recall a moment where you felt the happiest, grateful, and proud.

These emotions are yours, experienced within you.

I’m going to ask you to consider this paradigm shift. It’s a bit mind-blowing, but it will help serve you greatly:

All outside factors—a person, place, or thing—are simply conduits, to bring to the surface, something deep inside for you to experience.

The Law of Receptors

The above statement may sound far-fetched, but actually, it’s based scientifically. Let’s take a look at how hormones or drugs work in the human body.

Every hormone, drug, or pharmaceutical has a molecular chemical structure. The only way for these molecules to work is if there is a receptor inside the human body for that molecular structure. If there is no receptor, the body doesn’t register, and no effect happens.

* Nerd out on cell signaling/receptors here

Apply this to “all outside factors are conduits”—meaning, all outside factors activate an experience inside you.

You Are Whole: Because All You Will Ever Experience, Is Inside You

Whether love, peace, happiness, joy, pride, accomplished, gratitude…plenty of you have experienced these feelings once. And then again. And again.

Let’s take a look at you, those who have loved and had your heartbroken: only to love again.

The love you experienced wasn’t somehow stolen from you, brought back to you from someone new, and stolen from you again—that love is coming from the same place. Deep within.

We may carry more defenses, jadedness, or cynicism along the way. But the energy, frequency, and vibration of love is the very same.

Because You Are The Receptor

Outside conduits are just like the molecular chemical structure of a hormone or drug. Outside conduits, unlock what you already have.

Because if you didn’t have it…you would feel nothing at all. It simply wouldn’t register.

The Best Things In Life Are Always a Journey—Never A Destination

I don’t care what you’ve been brainwashed to believe. Either by another person or your own self.

Love, Peace, Happiness aren’t elusive destination “out there” over the horizon. They are already within. It’s actually impossible to reach them as a destination because you never get “there”.

You can’t intend to capture, what you already have inside.

You are simply on an everyday journey, experiencing ranges of who you are. And yes, you totally can always work to experience other sides of you—including sides you thought you never had.

Wholeness: Tap Into Your Own Resource [Life Hack]

The paradigm of you carrying all the experiences inside of you is a very empowering feeling. This is when self-care and self-love have a deeper meaning.

This is the vantage point, that helps when you are experiencing something frightfully tough: heartbreak, uncertainty, doubt, etc.

Tap into your own resource. Meditate. Use self-affirmation. Exercise. Listen to your bliss type of music.

Don’t ever think these things are somehow foolishly convincing yourself, that you’re self pacifying until the next “great external factor” happens. Self-care is simply revitalizing the stores within your own body…and attempting to bring out sides of yourself that haven’t been awakened in a while.

Wholeness Empowers You To Hold Accountable What Serves You & What Doesn’t

When you take all this into account, you realize that some people bring out your Yin versus your Yang. And vice versa. You become more aware that some will magnetize out of your core, your angry and insecure side. And in these instances, you can act. By walking away from that which doesn’t bring out the side you want to experience.

And you don’t have to look back. Because they didn’t steal anything away from you. You weren’t robbed. They were simply really good, at bringing out the version of yourself that you no longer needed to experience.

This is what moving on, really is. Subtracting conduits—your outside factors—which no longer serve your higher mission.

Wholeness: We All Experience Both Sides of Ourselves

Take an account of your entire life. You know there are times where you acted out from your best side. And times you acted out from your not so great side (low frequency).

We really get to choose, what and how much of either side we want to experience. By changing and evolving what our immediate outside world looks like: people, places, or things.

Wholeness & Time

Time plays a major role in the process of experiencing all aspects of yourself. The good and the bad. We aren’t revealed quickly who we are. We are revealed through time.

I like to think of it as peeling back the layers of an onion. Or for a more upscale image, the lotus flower. We are in a constant revelation, with time. Changing external factors takes time as many things have their own time frames and rhythm.

Be Like A Pendulum

With time, we reflect on how we take an active participant role in the intensity of our joys and our pains. Just like a pendulum, the further you swing from one side, equilibrium usually swings it as far on the other.

The point is—and always will be—to always try to achieve balance. Maintain near the line of your equilibrium. And never get stuck on either side.

Wholeness: Value The Balance

There is value to experiencing moments when we aren’t elated or happy. It is in these moments we get to appreciate and fall-in-love with even our most vulnerable and soft parts.

Reminding us of our humanity. And that the journey of a human being, isn’t a straight line. But just like nature, is in a constant flux of finding its ideal and perfection.

Enjoy the moment. Enjoy, the value: of being you.

– Liana

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