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What Does Healing Mean & Look Like?

What Does Healing Mean & Look Like?

“This is a space for healing” most practitioners of healing affirm with a new or closed-off client. We seek out healing because we don’t like to suffer. And if we’re not suffering, we must be healed. What actually does healing mean?

More importantly, what does it look like?

Is it a shaman playing instruments while adorning you with feathers and other artifacts with magical healing powers contained in them? Or something more mystical and elusive? Today, in this article I want you to consider the following 7 insights on what healing is:

1. Healing Means: You Are Whole

The word “holy” comes from the word “hālig”—which is derived from the word “hāl” meaning “whole”. Wholeness is healing because we are always in constant flux with being healed.

I’ve mentioned in every previous article that my favorite symbol is the Yin & Yang. Two polar energies having an intimate experience with the other: constantly balancing and trying to “conquer” the other side without ever succeeding.

Healing means being and appreciating the balance of all sides of the experience. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

2. Healing Means: We Are Not Just Physical Bodies

I wrote in this post about Trans people how their very existence reminds us we aren’t just physical beings, but so much more. Integrative Medicine is a modality of medicine that practices on the premise that the best parts of Eastern and Western philosophies of medicine are combined.

What I appreciate most, is this system of medicine doesn’t isolate a patient to “just” their symptoms. And that their experience of healing is a combined effort of the doctor-patient relationship & proactiveness by the patient.

Healing* means we look at all aspects causing or creating disease = dis ease.

3. Healing Means: Removal Of Blockages

Movement is the key to life. How? Notice 2 critical keys of motion within the body: circulatory and respiratory. If your hearts or lungs stop working, you perish.

Humans are part of important and major ecosystems. And have a very intimate relationship with nature. Nature has its own flow and rhythm. You are nature. And everything is interconnected: every choice, every action, etc.

When we create blockages—whether physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually—it becomes productive of disease.

Healing means removing blockages, because it creates stagnation.

4. Healing Means: Avoiding Stagnation

Constipation. Coronary Artery Disease. Atrophy. Suppression of emotion. These are all commonly understood examples of stagnation. And the result of stagnation causes pain and suffering within the body—emotionally or physically.

Why is stagnation so bad? Because anything which stagnates loses its vibration. Remember, vibration is causing energy or being caused by it.

Stagnation results in festering: rotting. And festering is not and can’t ever be “healthy”.

Healing means avoiding rot, while still alive.

5. Healing Is Uncomfortable

The responsibility of healing is never comfortable—it’s greatly uncomfortable. And if it were so easy to do, most people would be able to do it. Instead, because healing requires time and effort, most people would rather mask their journey of healing with quick elated highs.

Moving from one high to the next. And that vice or high can come in an assortment of forms. However, the result is always the same: the root cause of disease is not deal with.

When we mask the symptoms but don’t get to the root of the problem, we position ourselves in a losing battle. Because the point is not to simply treat disease, but to prevent it.

Healing means doing the uncomfortable work, not because it’s the right thing to do—but because it’s the only way to exhibit genuine love.

6. Healing Means: Equilibrium

As presented in point #1, “wholes” are “holy”. Equilibrium, otherwise known as homeostasis, is nature’s intended design to always try to achieve balance.

For example, the earth is far away enough from the sun—and close enough—to sustain life. Your body has both “good” bacteria and “bad” bacteria.

The point is not to eradicate one side in favor of the other…the entire system would collapse. It’s about balance. And when that system gets caught in imbalance, which is a blockage on either side, stagnation occurs and the rhythmic system begins to fail.

Healing means achieving equilibrium, but it also means living in rhythmic harmony with everything inside of you—and outside of you too.

7. Equilibrium Is Necessary For All Things

Find your equilibrium in your physical health; mental health; emotional health; spiritual health; in your relationships; with your partner; in the moments you feel alone; when life is challenging; and when life is good.

We can’t abandon and shutter one side of life for the other. Because that would cause a great imbalance. Instead, focus on navigating with acceptance, compassion, and integrity in all that you experience.

Some experiences in life aren’t fair. But if you tune into what you have (and the life you’ve created), you CAN find the good.

Remember, we can influence the intensity and degree to which we suffer. It all begins with perspective & choice.


Healthy is and never will be “the complete absence of disease”. We are essentially born into this world already dying. Aging until our cells reach their Hayflick Limit.

Our main mission is to create a harmonious and rhythmic experience in life. And literally dance with life—in its natural, abundant, expression & design.

We find natural remnants of rhythmic design in curious formulas like Fibonacci’s Sequence. Also, we can use the equilibrium of health in our relationship with ourselves, in our personal relationships, and with the world.

You will always find abundance: in both the cloudy days and sunny days too. Healthy means that challenging times DON’T exist—it simply means you are resilient enough to overcome.

Be Well & Vibe Well,

– Liana

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